Clogged Kitchen Sink or Bath Tub Drains

Everyone at some time in their life will be faced with the unwanted hassle of a clogged kitchen, bathroom sink, or any drain for that matter. Nobody enjoys dealing with a clogged pipe, but it is an inevitable part of home ownership. Call Abacus plumbing, top rated Pasadena plumber, at 713-929-2257 for fast and dependable service.

Many people when first faced with a stopped up drain will run to the store and grab a liquid drain cleaner. When first faced with a clogged drain or toilet a plunger is a good idea at the first attempt to clear the clog. While sometimes these clogs may be small and easy to fix, it is likely that at some point one will be faced with a clog that is not solved by a liquid drain cleaner and a plunger. While it is a smart idea to initially try the simple ways to fix a clogged drain, if after a few tries these do not work, it is not a good idea to continue to try.

Some homeowners and do-it-yourself enthusiasts will try to purchase plumbing equipment and fix the problem themselves. While that is one solution, it is also an easy way to damage or break a pipe, especially if you do not know how to properly use the equipment. For harder clogs it is a good idea to contact a Pasadena, Texas plumber to ensure that you do not cause more damage instead of good. Severe clogs can happen easily especially in drains that are used on a daily basis. Shower drains can be easily clogged with excessive soap residue as well as hair.

For clogs that are further down the piping and away from the fixture, it is likely that a plumber will have to use some kind of cable auger or even an electric power auger. These pieces of equipment can be complicated and should only be used by those trained and knowledgeable in how they operate. While an individual can rent these from a local hardware store, improper use can easily lead to thousands of dollars’ worth of repair costs. When facing a severe clog a plumber will be able to swiftly and safely remove the clog without damaging your plumbing.