Pasadena Commercial Water Heater PlumberRegular maintenance and service is absolutely necessary to ensure smooth operation of commercial water heaters in business and industry. That’s when you call our Pasadena commercial water heater plumber at 713-929-2257. For decades, your Pasadena plumber has served the Houston metro area.

Always Hire Texas Licensed Plumbers

Contrary to the simpler home water heaters that can be serviced by their owners themselves, commercial water heaters are generally handled and maintained by expert, certified professionals. Availing costly services of certified professionals is essential as water heaters are the backbone of many industrial processes and procedures – their failure can bring a business, either in part or in whole, to a complete standstill, thus causing loss of business and revenue.

Commercial Water Heater Maintenance

One of the most common problems in high capacity, commercial water heaters in Pasadena is accumulation of sediment deposits. These deposits, if not removed from time to time, eat up a lot of volume that can be otherwise used to heat more water and with time, can render the water heater completely useless.

Excessive sediment deposits can also cause the heaters to overflow, and in extreme cases it may even burst. Sediment deposits are better handled by professional, certified plumbers.
But how does removal of sediment deposits help in better working of the water heater? First, clearing away sediment deposits enhances the efficiency of the water heater. Not only does the reduced capacity of the water heater is reclaimed, heat produced inside the heater is used in heating water instead of heating the dead weight of sediment deposits every time.

Commercial Tankless Water Heaters

Your Pasadena plumber is installing tankless water heaters in commercial applications more and more. Why? Because they offer unlimited hot water on demand. To achieve the volumes required for your business, you will often install several in tandem. This is a great application for hotels, apartment building and restaurants. Call today for a free quote.