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The most embarrassing and frustrating event is a sewer line blockage when you have guest. Sewer line repair is always classified as a plumbing emergency. It can be a nightmare. But we can give you simple solutions to prevent excessive costs and damage from serage.

Classification of sewer related problems

  • Cracked, broken or collapsed sewer line due to freezing, shifting of soil.
  • Cracked or blocked pipes due to root infiltration.
  • Deterioration and collapse in sewer lines due to corrosion.
  • Blockage caused by grease buildup or introduction of foreign object.
  • Joint leaks due to breakage of seal at joints.
  • Bellied pipes due to sunk pipe causing accumulation and flow restriction.
  • Use of off-grade, sub-standard material.

The commonly employed measures to treat such problems are snaking the pipes, video pipe inspection, hydro jetting, open cut and trenchless methods etc. The best thing to do is to avoid such situations from happening by a regular clean up of your sewer system from time to time. We know nobody likes to spend much on these things but a bigger problem later proves to be more expensive in most of the cases generally! You can also regularly do clean up of your sewer system yourself by using some cleaning products.

Hydro Jetting

Our Pasadena sewer repair team of plumbers may be able to clear blockages with hydro-jetting. This is where in you use a heavy water force to push the accumulated garbage. This task is not a difficult one as you just have to use a stream of water at high speed which gets the work done for you. Still if you are not confident you can always call sewer repair plumber and get the job done more efficiently.


Snaking the pipes is another method the Pasadena plumber may employ, which proves to be quite useful. It involves breaking of the blockage with the help of a metal device attached to a long metal line. It is one of the most common methods to be used.

Modern methods

In case of big troubles to be solved by simple solutions; the technology has given us a video sewer inspection which can be used by your Pasadena plumber in order to visualize the precise location of and nature of the blockage and clear it by suitable methods. This is a new method which proves to be quite efficient and fast. Also there are other new technologies like trenchless sewer repair which help this problem quickly and more efficiently. You can also ask your plumber to use pipe bursting or pipe relining as per the demands of your situation.

Maintenance of Sewer Lines

Some situations, especially commercial, may call for a regular clean up either by self or with the help of a Pasadena plumber to prevent such problems.

Hope our suggestions on main sewer line problems and the possible solutions prove helpful to you and help you overcome Pasadena sewer repair in an easier and relaxed manner! Call us now to schedule an appointment on 713-929-2257.